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August 9th, 2017

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A successful evening, very nice and extremely constructive!
About fifty people were present.
Many very good ideas were raised.
Click here to read a full report of the evening (PDF)


The evening’s presenters: Claude Arsenault and Michel Forest (English sections)
Question period moderator: Alain Fortier

Course of the evening

  • Objectives of the meeting
  • Bref historique, enjeux et exemples
  • Discussion period
  • Summary and conclusion of the meeting

Objectives of the meeting

As its mission is to safeguard and enhance our heritage, the Society must play a proactive role in a matter as important as the future of the Pointe.

This meeting was primarily intended for members of the Society. Our goal: brainstorm and have a better understanding our members’ ideas and concerns regarding the sale of the Pointe (the convent, the windmill as well as the entire site). Some non-members were also present at the meeting.

We know that serious discussions regarding the acquisition of the Pointe is currently taking place between the City of Pointe-Claire and the Frabrique (Parish) of St. Joachim (owner of the pointe). We emphasize at the outset that our Society hopes that the acquisition of the Pointe by the City of Pointe-Claire will be concluded as an essential step for the preservation and development of this exceptional heritage collection (convent, windmill and site).

The objective is for the integrity of the Pointe to remain preserved and that the heritage site of the pointe claire be accessible to the whole community for generations to come. It is important to reflect together on a new use for the convent, the windmill as well as the entire site.

To do this, it is essential at this stage, to take the pulse of our members and to get their ideas and suggestions on the repurposing of the Pointe, as well as their concerns in relation to this matter. It is important to reflect together on the heritage and the future vocation of the Pointe. It is our mission and it is for this reason that we invited our members on 27 January.

The Société pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Pointe-Claire is pleased to invite all its members and new members to an evening of discussion about the future of the convent and the mill. Our mission is to save and promote our heritage: we must put together our ideas in order to protect and enhance this wonderful historic site, so that it will belong to our community and serve to enrich our collective heritage for generations to come. Coffee, tea and snack will be served! We hope to see you in large numbers next tuesday!

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We are recognized as a charitable organisation because of our educational component. We issue receipts for income tax purposes.


Claude Arsenault


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