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Pointe-Claire windmill
2010: 300th anniversary
of the mill

New brochure À la pointe claire
À la pointe claire

La revue Continuité
Press review:
Pointe-Claire in the
magazine Continuité

L'église Saint-Joachim de Pointe-Claire
Monumental architecture

Future of the Pointe

Discussion Meeting on June 19 - Collaboration with the Diocese

Since the issue of the Pointe is still a concern and a lot of work remains to be done, we invite our members to a discussion meeting that will take place on Monday, June 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Base de voile (90, Lakeshore). The number of places available for the meeting is limited to aproximately 40 persons because of the configuration of the room. Thank you for RSVP as soon as possible:

We are looking forward to working with the Diocese of Montreal which would like to include us at a Working Table on the future of the Pointe, with the City of Pointe-Claire and the Fabrique of St Joachim Parish. Together, we must therefore establish a plan of action for our next interventions, which we would like to propose to the Diocese in a collaborative perspective.

So let's all meet on Monday! We are looking forward to hearing all of your good ideas regarding the Pointe!


It is time to act to save our heritage!

Next week- Tuesday, June 6
City Council Meeting
Pointe-Claire City Hall
At 7 pm
(451 Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire)

Your presence as a member of society is essential. But, it is even more important to speak (maximum: 2 minutes per person). It is the comments spoken by each citizen present that will be taken into consideration by elected officials and not comments by the president on behalf of the members of the SSPPC. To count, as many people as possible must go to the microphone and speak. We ask that you prepare in advance a few lines explaining your position for the future of the Pointe and the importance of preserving our heritage. You have the right to speak! Invite your loved ones and your friends!

Thanks for letting know your participation by email,, or on our special event page on Facebook.

Thus, let us all meet on Tuesday, June 6!


2016 Annual Meeting

We are happy to invite our members and fellow citizens interested in the history and heritage of Pointe-Claire to our Annual General Meeting, Tuesday, November 29, at 7pm at Stewart Hall Cultural Center,
176 Lakeshore Road, Pointe-Claire.

We will report on the accomplishments of the Society in 2016 and discuss the upcoming projects concerning Pointe-Claire's heritage, especially the future of the Pointe, the windmill and the convent. Agenda will be sent before the meeting. We need your support and your ideas!
You will also have the opportunity to renew your membership, and to buy our superb greeting cards and brochures. It is a great gift to give or to receive!
Coffee and snacks will be served. Hoping to see you in great numbers. Invite your family, friends and colleagues!

Please confirm your presence as soon as possible by email:

Important : Brief

PPU du Village de Pointe-Claire
(in French only-translation to come)

Brief >>> (PDF file)


Public consultation
February 17, 2016 at 7pm, John Rennie High School

La pointe claire, P.Q.

Read the article published in JOURNAL DE MONTRÉAL on Sunday March 29, 2015.

Evening of discussion on the future of the Pointe for the members of the Society

January 27, 2015 at 7 p.m.

A successful evening, very nice and extremely constructive!
About fifty people were present.
Many very good ideas were raised.
Click here to read a full report of the evening (PDF)

The evening's presenters: Claude Arsenault and Michel Forest (English sections)
Question period moderator: Alain Fortier

Course of the evening

  • Objectives of the meeting
  • Bref historique, enjeux et exemples
  • Discussion period
  • Summary and conclusion of the meeting

Objectives of the meeting

As its mission is to safeguard and enhance our heritage, the Society must play a proactive role in a matter as important as the future of the Pointe.

This meeting was primarily intended for members of the Society. Our goal: brainstorm and have a better understanding our members' ideas and concerns regarding the sale of the Pointe (the convent, the windmill as well as the entire site). Some non-members were also present at the meeting.

We know that serious discussions regarding the acquisition of the Pointe is currently taking place between the City of Pointe-Claire and the Frabrique (Parish) of St. Joachim (owner of the pointe). We emphasize at the outset that our Society hopes that the acquisition of the Pointe by the City of Pointe-Claire will be concluded as an essential step for the preservation and development of this exceptional heritage collection (convent, windmill and site).

The objective is for the integrity of the Pointe to remain preserved and that the heritage site of the pointe claire be accessible to the whole community for generations to come. It is important to reflect together on a new use for the convent, the windmill as well as the entire site.

To do this, it is essential at this stage, to take the pulse of our members and to get their ideas and suggestions on the repurposing of the Pointe, as well as their concerns in relation to this matter. It is important to reflect together on the heritage and the future vocation of the Pointe. It is our mission and it is for this reason that we invited our members on 27 January.

An evening of discussion with our members on the future of la Pointe

January 27, 2015 at 7 pm at Maison Jamme-dit-Carrière*

The Société pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Pointe-Claire is pleased to invite all its members and new members to an evening of discussion about the future of the convent and the mill. Our mission is to save and promote our heritage: we must put together our ideas in order to protect and enhance this wonderful historic site, so that it will belong to our community and serve to enrich our collective heritage for generations to come. Coffee, tea and snack will be served! We hope to see you in large numbers next tuesday!

Please confirm your participation!

For information:
send us a message via Facebook!

In order to "structure you thoughts" and get ready for the discussion, please fill in this notebook! (optional but suggested!)

*Maison Jamme-dit-Carrière
152 Concord Crescent Avenue
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1N4

Google Maps

Are you looking for a good 2015 resolution?

Participate and enhance the life of your community! The Société pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Pointe-Claire needs you!

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  • Put your ideas and skills to work for the community
Become a volunteer!

Our needs:

  • Funding research
  • Help with kiosque and events
  • Translation (French to English)
  • Historical and genealogical research
  • Notarial research
  • Website rebuilding
  • Logistical help

We are recognized as a charitable organisation because of our educational component. We issue receipts for income tax purposes.


Claude Arsenault

Réflexions sur La pointe claire
Our brand new greeting card
Reflecting on the Point
Artist: Marie Villeneuve (Pointe-Claire)
$3 each / $25 for 10
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Calendrier Pointe-Claire 2015

2015 historical calendar
It's finally here: the 2015 historical calendar of Pointe-Claire! Fully bilingual, the calendar is dedicated this year to La pointe claire: the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame are leaving their convent in Pointe-Claire in late 2014 and this calendar honours them. Includes the months from January to December 2015, the lunar cycles and holidays. Only $ 10!

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Annual General Meeting 2014

The Société pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Pointe-Claire will hold its annual general meeting on November 6th, 7pm, at Stewart Hall (176, Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire). We hope to see you there in large numbers. We will be discussing the future of the Pointe, our projects and we will be launching our highly anticipated 2015 historical calendar (for $ 10)!

Hope to see you there! Invite your friends! Coffee and snacks will be served.

Tribute to the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame of Pointe-Claire

Hommage aux Soeurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Pointe-Claiire

The Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame will leave their convent at the Pointe by the end of 2014, after 230 years of dedicated work. Learn about their arrival in Pointe-Claire, their history and their educational mission for girls in this colour brochure, based on archival research which uncovered new information. The English text is available in addition to the brochure. For sale at a cost of $ 10.

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2014 Guided Tours of Pointe-Claire Village

Saint-Jean-Baptist (June 24)
Canada Day (July 1st)
Sunday September 28
Sunday October 5
Sunday October 12

Starting at 1pm in front of St-Joachim Church
(2, Ste-Anne Street, Pointe-Claire)
Bilingual and free of charge! 


Pointe-Claire 1723-2013

We're off! Our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo has been launched!

Click here to access the page!

It's simple, fast, secure and best of all, by participating in our Indiegogo campaign, you will contribute to a magnificent project that needs you (and you will have access to exclusive and colourful items!)


Brief: Opinions and Remarks regarding the Village of Pointe-Claire, presented to Convercité (2013)

Read the brief [PDF File]

January 23, 2013Here is the brief the SSPPC wrote on the importance of the Heritage Site on La pointe claire and on the vision to be adopted by the City of Pointe-Claire in its management.
Read the brief [PDF - 340 K]

3 April 2013 The City of Pointe-Claire adopts a regulation for the creation of La pointe claire Heritage Site

Good news for the preservation and enhancement of Pointe-Claire’s heritage! On April 2nd, 2013 at a Council meeting, the City of Pointe-Claire has adopted Regulation PC-2787 on the establishment of a heritage site on La pointe claire.

It is a “historic” moment in both senses of the term, especially given that this year also marks Pointe-Claire’s tercentenary.

Read more [PDF Format - 55 K]

Pointe-Claire, then and nowDesmond Beauvais, a resident of Pointe-Claire and history buff, created the DVD "Then & Now", in which we can experience history by being transported in the past: there are about 150 old photos of important sites and places in Pointe-Claire juxtaposed to recent photographs of the same locations, with some background music.

This DVD is about 40 minutes. It is priced at $ 9.99. To order, write to:

Mr. Beauvais will donate all profits from the sale of the DVD to the completion of the book Pointe-Claire 1713-2013.

11 December 2012 An invitation to participate at the public consultation on 23 January regarding the City of Pointe-Claire heritage site project

Good news for heritage preservation! On Monday, December 3 at a Council Meeting, the City of Pointe-Claire adopted a notice of motion for the city to create a heritage site on La pointe claire

READ MORE [PDF File - 312 K]

Photos de Pointe-Claire par Jean-Charles LabelleGreeting Cards

Photos by Jean-Charles Labelle

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Maisons ancestrales de Pointe-Claire Greeting Cards
(no text)
Available in stores
in Pointe-Claire Village

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We need your help
The Société pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Pointe-Claire is working on a book on the history of our city, Pointe-Claire, 1713-2013, in honour of the tercentenary of Pointe-Claire.

See how you can contribute to this wonderful project. (PDF file)


Launch of the brochure - The Pointe-Claire Mill 1710-2010
Also available at:
Familiprix, 308, Lakeshore / Du Bord-du-Lac,
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4L5

It happened in Pointe-Claire!
During the summer 1910, first airplane flight over Montréal...
Read more (French only) >>> [PDF - 685 K]

4 février 2010Le 300e du moulin ignoré par Pointe-Claire
[Read the article in "Cités Nouvelles" - French only]
1 May 2009Meunier, tu dors
Le moulin de Pointe-Claire en vedette

[Read the article in "Cités Nouvelles" (French only)]
Mission de recherche sur les moulins à vent en France.
(Available in French only)
(119 pages en format PDF) [En savoir plus...]
Mission de recherche sur les moulins à vent en France - Été 2006 - Transcription des entrevues -Volume 1

Mission de recherche sur les moulins à vent en France
Été 2006
(Available in French only)

Transcription des entrevues :
Volume 1 (237 pages - PDF 1,87 Mo)
Volume 2 (212 pages - PDF 1,58 Mo)

See photos from Fonds Samuel Garceau
Click to listen to the interview on Radio-Canada website
27 November 2008Windmill restoration plan picks up speed
City, Province pledge 500,000 $ each

[Read the article from The Gazette]
2 novembre 2008Le chant du moulin
Campagne de financement à Pointe-Claire

[Read the article in Cité Nouvelles (French only)]