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History of the 2nd church

La deuxième église
The church and its surroundings, 13 March 1867. The second church minus its steeple. On the left, the mortuary chapel, built c. 1823 on the site of the 1713 church, and the 1848 presbytery and its outbuildings.
Archdiocese of Montreal (CCSA)


The limitations of the first church led the religious authorities to demand a bigger one. During the first half of the 18th century, there are many signs that Pointe-Claire was developing. For example, further lots were granted in the "back country" since all the lots on the lake were occupied. For the most part, these lots were used to build houses, barns and stables. In addition, different professionals established themselves in Pointe-Claire, which enriched the social structure of the village.

At a meeting on July 8th 1742 in the presbytery, the former and new church wardens agreed to a levy on parishioners to finance that construction of the second church. The levy was payable in goods (work, corn) or money every Christmas beginning in 1742, until 1755 when the church was completed. Measuring 105 feet by 40.4 feet (34.10 m by 13.16 m), this church was largely inspired by the neoclassical architecture of the church at Oka. The fašade was ornamented by two columns, an octagonal spire, a bell tower and a steeple. Once the second church is inaugurated, the first church became a parish hall and a shed for the parish priest. It is demolished in 1822. The second church must undergo renovations. Even though it had been replaced twice before, the bell tower is demolished in 1856.

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