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Pointe-Claire 1723-2013

January 1st, 2014

Pointe-Claire 1723-2013

We’re off! Our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo has been launched!

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It’s simple, fast, secure and best of all, by participating in our Indiegogo campaign, you will contribute to a magnificent project that needs you (and you will have access to exclusive and colourful items!)


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Good news for the preservation and enhancement of Pointe-Claire’’s heritage! On April 2nd, 2013 at a Council meeting, the City of Pointe-Claire has adopted Regulation PC-2787 on the establishment of a heritage site on La pointe claire.

It is a “historic” moment in both senses of the term, especially given that this year also marks Pointe-Claire’s tercentenary.

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Then & Now DVD

April 2nd, 2013

Pointe-Claire, then and now

Desmond Beauvais, a resident of Pointe-Claire and history buff, created the DVD “Then & Now”, in which we can experience history by being transported in the past: there are about 150 old photos of important sites and places in Pointe-Claire juxtaposed to recent photographs of the same locations, with some background music.

This DVD is about 40 minutes.

It is priced at $ 9.99. To order, write to:

Mr. Beauvais will donate all profits from the sale of the DVD to the completion of the book Pointe-Claire 1713-2013.

Read the brief [PDF – 340 K]