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Achievements of the SSPPC, 2000-2017

The Société performs between 6,000 and 8,000 hours of work annually

The Société has been involved in safeguarding:
➢ The architectural integrity of “la pointe claire”, in 2004-2005
➢ Three heritage houses:
-House on 8 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, Pointe-Claire (1822) in 2000
-Maison Brisebois-Brunet, Kirkland (former territory of Pointe-Claire, 1860) in 2001
-Maison Angell, Beaconsfield (former territory of Pointe-Claire, 1853) in 2001

The Société organized/produced:
➢ More than 340 heritage tours of Pointe-Claire for 3,400 visitors
➢ About a hundred interventions in the media
➢ Creation of a fund of 3,000 pictures
➢ A dozen exhibitions
➢ More than 30 conferences
➢ A teaching tool : “300 years of architecture in Pointe-Claire”, for grade 5 (Teacher’s Guide, 2004, 38 p.
Student Guide, 2004, 22 p.).
➢ The archiving of all documents collected by the SSPPC
➢ Writing and publishing historical articles on Pointe-Claire heritage and history in various newspapers and magazines
➢ Creation of the website
➢ The production of heritage calendars from 2010 to 2016, including the 2011 calendar, distributed to 13,451 households through the partnership with the Centennial Committee of Pointe-Claire
➢ The event Des photos qui nous parlent in 2011 with 4 memory bearers
➢ Participation in the creation of the Épicerie du Village mural (historical informations) in 2011
➢ Participation in the event Jane’s Walk since 2012
➢ Participation in the Opération Patrimoine Architectural de Montréal (OPAM) event from 2005 to 2014
➢ A collaboration with the Centre d’histoire de Montréal for the publication of four historical articles on Pointe-Claire in the Journal de Montréal (2015-2016)

The Société has published:
➢ The historical brochure À la pointe claire  in 2005
➢ The historical brochure Le Moulin de Pointe-Claire 1710-2010
➢ The historical brochure Tribute to the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Pointe-Claire in 2014

Historical research on the history of Pointe-Claire: more than 25,000 hours of work to date
➢ Between 4,000 and 5,000 hours of historical research on an annual basis
➢ Research in archival centers including the Sulpician’s archives.
➢ Transcript of 3,000 notarial acts since 1672 concerning Pointe-Claire
➢ Hired and supervised 34 students from various research sectors (history, anthropology, litterature, etc.)
➢ Collaboration with several academic studies on heritage

Scientific research on windmills: more than 10,000 hours of research to date
➢ Research in archive centers
➢ Transcript of 1,900 notarial acts concerning Québec mills
➢ Research mission on windmills in France, summer 2006
– 10 weeks, 10,000 km traveled, 70 windmills making flour visited, 37 hours of interviews with specialists
– Preliminary report of the Mission (119 pages)
– Transcript of 37 hours of audio and video interviews (445 pages)
– Summary report of the Mission (65 pages)
➢ Tour of the windmills of Quebec, summer 2007 with two experts from France
– Chris Gibbings, Molinologist and Thierry Croix, mill carpenter
➢ Windmill Tours and Conferences in collaboration with Icomos Canada (2007)
➢ Production of the brochure Le moulin de Pointe-Claire 1710-2010. Launch of the brochure on 19 September 2010
➢ Purchase and restoration of grinding wheels for the Pointe-Claire mill. Measuring 1.95 m by 35 cm, weighing 2 tons each and coming from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, France. Official reception of grinding wheels on July 17, 2010.

The Société published tools for reflection:
➢ Brief: Related to the draft by-law of the complementary document to the Montréal Master Plan, presented at the Montreal Public Consultation Office in Pointe-Claire, on 11-06-2003, 20 p.
➢ Brief: On the Livre Vert. A New Look At Cultural Heritage presented to the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, 28-04-2008, 16 p.
➢ Brief: A Vision To Ahare: the future of the Village of Pointe-Claire presented at the public consultation organized by the Urban Planning School of McGill University, and presented to the City of Pointe-Claire on 15-10-2008 , 16 p.
➢ Brief: The Pointe-Claire Urban Planning Programme, presented to the City of Pointe-Claire on 15-06-2010, 15 p.
Feasibility study for the Pointe-Claire Heritage Center – Antoine-Pilon House, by iFact, with financial assistance from CLD West Island, on 31-05-2012, 68 p.
➢ Brief: La pointe claire Heritage Site, presented to the City of Pointe-Claire, on 23-01-2013, 21 p.
➢ Brief: Notice and remarks on the Village of Pointe-Claire, presented to Convercité and the City of Pointe-Claire, on 19-08-2013, 24 p.
➢ Report: Discussion on the future of the Pointe for members of the Société, 27-01-2015, 7 p.
➢ Project: Feasibility study for the redevelopment of the Pointe site, presented to the City of Pointe-Claire on 10-03-2015, 17 p.
➢ Brief: The Urban Planning Program of the Village of Pointe-Claire. Presented at the public consultation organized by the City of Pointe-Claire, on 17-02-2016, 56 p.

[Note : the documents listed above will soon be available in the section “Publications”. Most of them are bilingual, with a few exceptions.]

The Society has sensitized municipal authorities to the needs of:
➢ Carrying out an inventory and archaeological excavations on the territory of Pointe-Claire by the firm Archéotec, 2002-2003
➢ Conducting a historical study on urban development in Pointe-Claire, by Guy Mongrain, 2004.
➢ Carrying out a heritage inventory and study of the architectural heritage of Pointe-Claire by Patri-Arch, 2005.
➢ Conducting a feasibility study for the restoration and development of the Pointe-Claire mill by Lemieux, St-Louis, architects, 2005
➢ Allocating $ 500,000 to the City of Pointe-Claire budget for the restoration of the mill for Phases 1 and 2, 2008 (PTI)
➢ Establishing a heritage site in 2013 for “la pointe claire” (request made in 2005 by the SSPPC)

The Société has created:
➢ The former Society for the Discovery and Preservation of the Heritage of the West Island (SPOI) in 2001
➢ The Association des Moulins du Québec in 2007
➢ Friends of the Antoine-Pilon House in 2012.

The Société is currently working on:
➢ A historical book on Pointe-Claire
➢ Awareness of the future of the Pointe by the City of Pointe-Claire and the Parish, including the convent and the mill, for its preservation and development